GHOST Note revolves around a Mallory who gets left behind at her grandma’s house while her parents jet off on a Hawaii vacation without her. The girl in question is your usual annoying teenager so I couldn’t blame her on-screen parents one bit for leaving the little madamn behind. In the early 1970’s, a series of unsolved murders were rumored to have been committed by an evil blues musician named Eugene Burns, who had sold his soul to the devil. Decades later, Rebellious teen Mallory’s long dead grandfather, a preacher, captured Eugene and performed an exorcism, but he was unable to expel the demon. Instead, he locked Eugene away to prevent him from hurting anyone else. Mallory accidentally sets Eugene free during a seance and now she must figure out a way to stop him before it’s too late.

MITÄÄN sanomaton Ghost Note kuuluu niihin elokuviin joiden katsomiseen ei kannata kuluttaa aikaa. Tylsä, tylsä, tylsä. Pelottavuusaste puhdas nolla. Ja kansikuvakaan ei pahemmin elokuvaan liity. Unohda edes kuulleesi tästä. ■