THE stroke of midnight sets the stage for terror when four vacationing coeds turn the tables on a group of depraved backwoods miscreants. Art student Ilene has a bizarre run-in with eccentric fellow student Caleb just before she and roommates Helen, Mary, and Jill head out for a relaxing weekend at a lakeside mountain cabin. Later, as Caleb recalls the encounter to his older brothers, Palmer and Fred, and the family patriarch, Sir Jim, the girls get ready to hit the road. On the way to the cabin, the girls stop by a roadside gas station and have a bit of fun with redneck proprietors Cyrus, Runt, and Half Idiot. A relaxing afternoon of skinny-dipping in the lake gets the weekend off to a good start, though things take a turn for the worse when Caleb, Palmer, Fred, and Sir Jim unexpectedly show up at the cabin looking for a raunchy good time. Just as things start to get ugly in the cabin, veteran detective Jake and his rookie partner, Ray, stumble into a ritualistic alter while investigating a bloody basement crime scene. Upon finding a newspaper clipping about a mysterious cabin, they race to the country to find another clue. But at this point the clock has just struck midnight, and things are just getting interesting out at the cabin. It seems that the girls have somehow managed to gain the upper hand against their attackers. Have Ilene and company accomplished this by simply outsmarting Sir Jim and the boys, or could it be that these outwardly timid coeds actually possess a deadly and diabolical secret?

WICKED Lake'n posteri on yhtä harhaanjohtava kuin Tuksun keikkajuliste. Sana kökkö ei riitä kuvaamaan elokuvaa. Tämä lienee käsikirjoittajan krapula-aamun oksennus. Vaikka kuinka yritti löytää jotakin positiivista sanottavaa tästä elokuvan irvikuvasta, sitä ei löydy. Tai yksi asia: se loppui kuitenkin. Toivottavasti tämä painuu lopullisesti unholaan ja niin syvälle ettei edes Maikkari sitä ohjelmistoonsa löydä. ■