IN 813 A.D., a Viking ship reaches the shores of North America, where unseen indigenous people force them to retreat by firing a barrage of arrows. The Vikings make several blood sacrifices to Odin; eventually they find a wind to sail home on. In the present, Shadow Moon is released a few days early from prison after his wife, Laura, dies in a car accident. On the flight home, Shadow meets Wednesday, who offers him a job as a bodyguard. On the drive home, Shadow stops at a bar, where he again meets Wednesday. Shadow learns that his best friend, Robbie, died in the same car accident as his wife. Mad Sweeney introduces himself to Shadow as a leprechaun, and goads him into a fight. Shadow wins and earns a golden coin. Shadow attends Laura's funeral, and learns of her affair with Robbie. After the burial, he throws the coin onto her grave. Leaving the funeral, Shadow is abducted by the Technical Boy, who demands to know about Wednesday. Technical Boy orders his men to kill Shadow and they attempt to lynch him. The noose snaps, freeing Shadow, while his attackers are killed by an unknown assailant.

ILTAPÄIVÄKSI piti keksiä jotakin katsottavaa ja kun American Gods on saanut niin paljon kehuja, piti katsastaa kyseisen sarjan ensimmäinen jakso. Ja heti jäin koukkuun. Katsoin kolme ensimmäistä jaksoa ja illaksi on vielä jaksoja katsottavaksi. Kolmannessa episodissa oleva kohtaus aiheutti varmaan kukkahattutätien nutturan tiukkenemisen entisestään. ■

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