"There’s nothing particularly scary about The Remains, as most jolts come from intercut splices of Madame Addison’s makeup-caked face cackling like a wicked witch. As scenes press on, John’s children slowly become brainwashed by Madame Addison’s controlling grip, but never in a Children Of The Corn kind of way. You’ll get your random shots of a ghost girl standing in the background, a few jump-scares via a darting camera lens that eventually lands on a decomposing face, and that’s about it. Performances drag doubly-so given Della Bella’s flat-footed attempts at horror set-ups, even when Madame Addison’s phonograph blasts an old-timey tune (usually a tonal slam-dunk)."

- Matt Donato -

TÄLLÄINEN illanpäätteeksi. Olipa vaikeuksia jaksaa katsella loppuun asti. Puuduttava eikä mitenkään pelottava, tylsä suoraan sanoen. No eipä ollut kyllä kalliskaan: 0,33 euroa. ■