THE mayhem starts when Stacey (Debbie Sheridan) returns to her childhood home to help her brother, Ben (Jacob Hobbs) with the last wishes of their recently deceased mother. Ben is unable to handle these duties by himself due to the fact that has a strong case of obsessive compulsive disorder and is extremely agoraphobic. This has caused him to remain inside the house for the last 23 years, but something has stirred and awoken right under his very nose. Strange things start happening around the house – doors closing on their own, mysterious apparitions appearing on camera, animal attacks, and old toys popping up on their own – and it all started when Stacey and Ben’s mom died and a wooden box was found in the back yard. What does the box have to do with the strange happenings on the property and how will the siblings stop an evil force that’s older and stronger than they are?

TYLSÄ. Todella tylsä. Tämän piti olla kauhuelokuva, mutta oli enemmän tai vähemmän unilääkettä. Tuntui että pitää lopettaa kesken kun elokuvassa ei tunnu tapahtuvan oikeastaan mitään. Hyvä kun se edes jollakin tapaa käynnistyi. Kuuluu sarjaan "unohtuu alta aikayksikön". Parhaallakaan tahdolla ei voi suositella. ■